Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Vacuum Of YouTube

Sometimes, I can be such a slug.

YouTube is like a vacuum... it sucks me in and I'm trapped.

My favorite video game is Minecraft, and it's as much as a disease as YouTube is. For the past couple of months I've done nothing but sit inside and watch YouTube and play Minecraft.

Poor Mom and Dad tried everything. They lost their patience a couple of times, but they held in there, determined to get me back into shape.

They tried to make me work out, but still weren't happy with my attitude and my eagerness to get back on the Internet. So they signed me up for Softball.

It didn't go very well.

Then my father, without any relation to what I was going through, spent thousands and thousands of dollars on a pool heater.

Several months later, our pool was open.

Mom and Dad made all of us go for a dip. Even Ana agreed, but she decided not to get her hair wet. Ana and I walked (I sort of oozed) out to the pool in our bathing suits. I waddled to the edge of the pool and looked in sluggishly.

Without warning, Ana came up behind me and pushed me in.

The cool, 86' water hit me like a brick wall.

And not just physically (I did a belly flop and was sore for hours) but mentally.

It opened my eyes!

Now, I don't like swimming that much.

Swimming lessons I hate. They teach us these stupid strokes and are so picky about how we do them, I know about a billion more strokes that I invented that were much more faster than those dumb ones.

But freestyle... it's pure joy.

I landed directly in the deep end, and right at that moment, every inch of me was touching water.

My arms, my legs... no sound, no worries... just... water.

I did a spin, and the rocketed up toward the top for a breath. Ana was laughing so hard she was coughing, and while she was trying to catch her breath I grabbed her ankle and pulled her in as well.

But, she's Ana, and she managed to not get her hair wet.

From then on it was an all-out water battle, and I had more fun than I had had in years. Dad even jumped in, and he grabbed me and said that he would ask me a question and if I got it wrong he would throw me.

It was bliss. I was cured. I now go in the pool every day. HOORAY!! (that rhymed)

Several weeks later, I got accepted into the talent show.

I was getting better at softball, and soon my friends were all jabbering about the talent show.

There are three divisions in my school: Lower School (k-3) Middle School (4-6) and Upper School (7-9). In the Middle School we had our first talent show in fourth grade, which was just the grade preforming in the music room. However, after fourth grade you preform in front of the entire school in the auditorium.

And now I was in 5th grade.

I was singing to myself at my locker and my friend Cynthia suggested I try singing. I took her advise and casually signed up, and then tried out.

I got in, and Tuesday, June 5th, I would preform.

Now, while I am writing this it is the 3rd, so the rest has to come. This is just a sneak peek for my next blogpost. I hope you enjoyed this one, however.