Monday, April 30, 2012

Short Story 1

I decided to write a story, so I put pictures to it.


Frock and Hank

Once, there was a boy named Hank.

Hank had a pet orange named Frock.Frock liked to frock his days away frocking with a rock.
Hank liked to swim.
One day, Hank bought a present for Frock for their one-year best friend anniversary.
Meanwhile... at home...
Frock came home with his gift. He thought he could use it to shine up Frock and his friend, Rocky.

Frock was no where to be seen.
Hank rushed out into the street. He was horrified by the the sight of the trash truck.
Hank raced after the garbage truck. He ran until the last place he'd wanted to see came into view.
Hank wept with happiness as he cradled his orange. He whispered he would never let anything happen to it.

But, of course, right at that moment...
Hank dove out of the way just in time. But he lost his grip on Frock's slimy peel and Frock got swept up by the shovel attached to the front of the tank.

Hank started to cry, and raced after the tank.

Suddenly, he felt the heat and was struck with horror as the flames of the incinerator came into view.
He spied Frock in the piles of trash that were slowly sinking into the mouth of the incinerator. Without thinking, he jumped right in, scooped up Frock, and hopped over the shredders.

He spied an escape ladder, and fought his way to there. He tried and tried to hoist himself up to the bottom rung, but it didn't work.
Hank would need both of his hands in order to escape safely.
And with one final flare, Frock was gone.
Hank walked home, miserable. He found his mother unloading groceries from their car. She took one whiff of him, and sent him upstairs to take a shower.

When Hank came downstairs after his shower, he saw his mom waiting for him at the bottom of the steps, with a package in her hand.
So Hank had brand new friends.

He never forgot Frock, but his new friends were almost just as good.
Lesson Learned: Don't get attached to disposable items because it's all going to end in tears.