Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!


It's been a month since I last posted, and you guys have STILL been checking in.

I love you guys.

So. Obviously, it's Christmas.

I made a promise to myself that there would be NO ELECTRONICS ON CHRISTMAS OR CHRISTMAS EVE. NONE.

I just can't keep that promise. I have to see my people.

This will be published tomorrow (Christmas) or today (Christmas Eve) I promise. I promise.

I have actually been working on a blogpost called Cats since November 11th, and so far I have used eight shades of gray. That's a bit wrong.

But, nevertheless, I'm back, I'm 11 years old, I'm still Jane and LET'S PARTY!!
It's Christmas Eve, for monkeys' sake! What else would I be doing?

Okay, maybe that..

And... and that... but...

Okay, that too.

But the point is, I'm here. I could be elsewhere, but I chose to be here. Sitting on a couch, not even dressed, putting off a shower while Thomas snores next to me.

Thomas is my cat.

Mom's busy at the kitchen making our turkey dinner, Ana's in her room on her computer, (NO ELECTRONICS ANA. YES. I CAN SEE YOU.) and Dad's at the grocery store. There are presents under the tree...Thomas is still snoring...

So I'm just waiting for something to write about.


Thomas just shifted his position.


Booboobooboobooooooo dee doodoo

Oh great, now I'm singing.


Normally I have sort of a script for blogposts but I'm writing this from scratch. I'll write another one if I can't sleep while I'm staying up for Santa, so there's a 98% chance there will be two blogposts after a month of... emptiness...

Oh, I've been writing a story.

So... yeah.

So yeah.

I'll see you tonight.





  1. Wonderful post! But where is Edward??

  2. Mokihana

    Edward is too proud. He's camera shy, and beside, he only hangs with my mom so I can mever snap a picture. He is litterally in love with her.