Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I AM 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BOO YA! 11!!!!

I got out from school early so I'll fill you in on all that happened, but I don't have time to draw pictures. I will if I can, soon.

1. I came home

2. I saw the cake

3. I worshipped the cake

4. I helped Mom frost the cake

5. Mom put Hershey bar chunks on the cake and I worshipped Mom

6. I saw the pile of presents on the table for my annual 'hide the presents and find the presents'

7. I read some Spidergirl.

8. Mom's foot hurt

9. I proofred my blogpost

10. I went upstairs (I put a marker on my desk so I could look at it and say, 'hey, I put that there while I was 10!').

11. I snuggled Bee

12. I walked downstairs with Bee on my head

13. I got on my computer

14. I shut down my computer, as I do monthly

15. I reopened all of my tabs and stories

16. I opened up Statcounter to see how many people had visited my blog

17. I read my comments on my last post

18. I watched digital art painting on Youtube

19. I stopped.

20. I'm here.

Good, huh?

Random picture of the week: Ninja Jane

Mom said that if I came home and spent time with my grandmother I could come home early, so I have to do that. I'll come back later and add pictures.

It may take a while, it's my birthday, after all. :)



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  2. I love the Ninja picture, Jane, you are so talented. (I'm so glad you liked your cake!) Hope it was a great birthday --you are a joy to me.

    (Had to delete my comment to fix a typo.)

  3. Dear Janey,

    Thanks for not inviting me to your birthday. I would have eaten all of your cake. EVERY LAST CRUMB. You are clearly as brilliant as your mom is amazing.

  4. Happy Birthday, Jane! That's you in the ninja costume, isn't it? You dressed up like a ninja to attack the cake, right? I thought so. ;)

  5. You rock, Ninja Jane! Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Your cake was awesome! Can't wait to see your continuing blogs.
    Hugs, MamaBeth/Becky from Shreveport