Saturday, October 29, 2011


Warning: You should not read this post when you're eating. Or breathing. Or living.

I love fishing. It's just that I have a crippling weakness for the fish, and whenever I catch one I have to throw it back. The hard part is explaining it to my dad.

DAD: Jane! That was a beautiful catch! Why did you throw it back?

ME: It was too little.

DAD: It was a foot long!

ME: Well, that's too little.

And then there was The Fluke.

I was having a really good day. Fishing with Dad and my Grandad.

Nothing we caught was very good, so I decided to name them.

ME: We've had 2 sea robins and four flukes.

GRANDADDY: I got a bite!

We reeled him in.

DAD: What a specimen!ME: He's nice. Now throw him back.


CAPTAIN: He sure looks legal.

ME, TUGGING ON GRANDADDY'S HAND: Throw him back, Grandaddy.

DAD: You hear that, Janie? We just caught our dinner.

ME: Throw him back!

GRANDADDY: Naw, we gonna eat him.

ME: Great. His name will be...

DAD: Don't do that or you'll feel sad when we eat him.

ME: Eat him?!

They stored him under the bench. As I fished, I could hear him flopping about, gasping.
Finally, they put him in some water. He lay there, looking at me.

I waited inside the cabin when they took him to gut him and tear off his skin.

This is probably one of the most violent blog posts ever.

I also just called him The Fluke because Dad said I couldn't name him.

So anyway, we brought his remains home, cooked him, and ate him.

So, after The Fluke...

I think I'll stick to lobster.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random Picture Of The Week

My friends from LISG are reading here tonight, so hey Sara O., Jolie B., Olivia W., Parsa L., and Sydnie R.!!

Baby Jane:


Friday, October 21, 2011

Random Pictures (Literally)

School is working me to the bone so my posts are taking me like FOREVER to do, so maybe I should just post pictures that I've made but never shown on my blog before.


PS: More of these may come out if I'm bored or something. Hope you liked it! In my opinion this is one of the best things I've ever posted.

PSS: I just sneezed so hard I fell down the stairs.