Monday, October 10, 2011

11 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geez, I never thought I'd be eleven years old.

I mean, I've imagined being 20, but I never thought about all those numbers in between.

What is happening to me? Where is my life going? I'm a young woman now, not a little girl.

Should I accept my new responsibilities with pride or hang onto childhood as long as I can?


I think I'll stay a kid for a while.


Isn't this fantastic? It's my birthday! And you know what that means...


I'm pretty lonely in my new house, I know some neighbors that are my age but still feel pretty alone.

Sooo... meet Rocky.I had been playing around in my new pool and had needed something to dive for, so I grabbed a rock and ever since then we've been friends.

I can't believe I'm actually saying this... but... I had tea with a rock. I guess I am a bit lonely...


I asked for a cell phone for my birthday and Mom and Dad are 75% yes on it!! Can you imagine??

I will be blogging with a cell phone now!!!!!!!!!!

Okay. So, my grandparents are visiting for my birthday, on the 11th, and my cousin Robin can only stay to the 7th but still.

I went swimming in a 74 degree pool today, and Mom popped me in the hot tub afterwards.

UPDATE: My cousin PJ has arrived too. He doesn't like to have his picture taken, or drawn, but I'm gonna do it anyway.UPDATE: PJ, Robin, Jerry and Dad are all working on Ana's new bed while Ana reads in the hottub.

UPDATE: I am eating Cheerios.

I think I'm gonna even take my birthday off from SCHOOL!!

It'll be like::) :) :)

I guess I should practice texting since I'll be getting a phone.

Robin got me sum fantabulous magnetic ballz!!

i can do things ive never done b4: like that 4k neklace!

Get it? 4k? Fork?

So how am I doing? Do I have this texting thing down?

I can just imagine how it will be when I get my phone:

UPDATE: I've got an ear infection!!! This is my 3rd sick day, and so mom says that I probably can't take my day off!

Also, my grandparents will be in the city, Dad will be at work, and Ana at school!

I can't believe it! I thought this was going to be the best birthday ever!

I'm going to go make another fork necklace.


I'm back.

Now... what should we talk about?

Oh yes! I'm seriously considering not marrying Big Bear and Ursalina because it's scary and it means that my friends and I are growing up.

I'm going to text talk a while longer.

If i go 2 skool on mi birthday i will hav nobody to celebrate it with anyway, because a birthday is just like any other day at mi skool! nobody wishes u happy birthday, nobody gives you presents, (except for that science test my teacher is giving me) its horrible! I'd like to spend it at home where everything is about Y-O-U!!!!!


Wait... this is Vacation Called Life! I have to liven this up! This is The Post of the Year and it can't be spent by me whining!

I know...

Brace yourself to laugh so hard you will throw up.



You're laughing, aren't you?

Okay, I feel better now.

I have a doctor's appointment after school.

I always dread going to the doctor, since when I was five or six I had enough shots to last me for five years and I'm afraid my number is up.


Then again... who doesn't?


I'm bored.


Ooh! Now I know what I should talk about! I'll make pictures of what I think my cake should look like!!

I feel loads better.

Good news! Mom said that maybe on my birthday I could just stay till noon and then come home, and still be counted as here! YAY! Maybe we can save this birthday after all!

Ow. My ear infection.

I had forgotten.

UPDATE: Robin's leaving!!! Now I have an ear infection in the OTHER ear and it hurts worse than the other!

UPDATE: I went into the city for a Broadway play!!!!! I loved it!!!

Now I want to take tap dancing!!!

UPDATE: Jackie's dog bit her and her lip was bleeding so I passed her a note to let her know and these really mean girls in my class told on me. :( Like I don't see them mouthing to each other!

Ooh! I had a brilliant idea! I could learn Morse Code, and practice tap dancing at the same time!


AGH! THOMAS IS LAYING ON MY FEET!!!Sweet kitty, but I kinda lost the use of my legs.

Yes, I am in bed.

Yes, I haven't had breakfast yet.


Ooh, Thomas wants me to rub his belly.


Yeah, you like that! Now, I can't get up, so I am going to starve. Might as well take more pictures. The canopy above me:OOPS! Kinda fell off the bed, there, didn't ya, fatso? But, oh, look, he came back before I could escape for my M&Ms just out of my reach.

In front of me:Left Thomas and went downstairs for my egg. I'll show you around later.

Sorry the picture is so blurry, I couldn't see and I kinda had to balance it on Thomas.

If you notice over there is Big Bear, my other bear Dorothy, and Ursalina.I just sneezed so hard I hit my head against the wall.

Yesterday I hit my head on the Broadway chair in front of me.

TWO BRUISES! I might need to get 11 for my birthday.

I'm hoping I'll get 11 presents including my cell phone because... you know... it's like eating your age in helpings on thanksgiving.


Okay. This is it. This is my last post while I'm 10. These letters were written when I was ten.

Tomorrow's post: will be when I am 11.

10, baby, what a great age.

But it's time to say goodbye.

What will happen when I'm 11:
Can you spot the 7 differences?

Leave me a comment and tell me! :)


PS: Random picture of the week: PARTY!!!!!!!
Okay, so maybe it's not exactly random.

But still!

Happy birthday, me!



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JANE!!! Sound like you had a great one---except for the ear infection. ;) Very funny, as always.

  2. Happy Birthday!! ok, 7 differences ... your grin changed to a demure smile, the stars moved from your eyes to your cheeks, hair is longer, laptop changed to a cell phone, yellow present is missing, 11 on your dress instead of 10, 65 inches instead of 59 ... at least that's 7 that I see. I howled at your pic of 952 helpings at thanksgiving ... the collapsed chair is especially funny! Great work as always.

  3. Happy birthday, my little Hurricane. I think it will be the best year yet!