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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

100th POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Part 1

I mean, not really. But plus all of my drafts it's 100! (And published posts it's 53, and don't worry: I will have a 100th published post special too) So I needed to do something really super special for my 100th/53rd post, right?


I mean, in my own little world (Janeworld) this is the biggest thing that will probably ever hit. EVER. (You must remember I still AM a child) Except when I get married. And actually I decided to marry them as best friends, not as husband and wife. Because the children would be bears with spots.

So, this is the hugest thing of my life. It's like Janeworld is exploding.

Anyway, soon I will get to the tale of the day of their wedding day (October 23rd, if not delayed I haven't had much time to plan since school started on the 9th) and since there are so many posts that will be interrupting the Goonie Jane series then I decided to just put the series on hold.

I know, I'm mean.

But don't worry, I'll get back to it soon. But I have LOADS to talk about. (My birthday is October 11th!! It's gonna be the POST OF THE YEAR!!!!! On 10/11/11 I will be 11.) And seriously, I'm super sorry for not posting for, like, a month. There was a power outage after Hurricane Irene hit, a huge tree fell on the neighborhood power lines. But we MOVED!! We moved into this gigantic house! This is the outside: (I'm not kidding, it really looks like this:) Okay. Maybe I should make this a very long post to celebrate. So I'll tell you the story of Ursalina, since I don't believe I've told you about her yet.

So it was just after I had gotten Big Bear.

Ooh! I know! I'll include Big Bear's story in this post, too!!

Back to story. It was just after I had gotten Big Bear. I felt my life still had a hole in it. I mean, Big Bear and Bee were great. But they were a little boyish for my taste.Big Bear and Bee realized something was wrong, too.
We couldn't figure out what was the matter, until I had The Dream...
We rode away to go find the mysterious person in my dream. I noticed that spectators were gathering around the sidewalk to watch me ride by on my way to Wallmart, so I decided to smile to make a good impression, but I didn't forget what I had come for.Soon I came upon Wallmart and parked my bike and Big Bear and Bee and I all walked inside.

I pushed the basket into the toys aisle.

ME, HELPING BIG BEAR OUT OF THE BASKET: We're looking for somebody who looks like Big Bear, only longer around the middle.

BIG BEAR: Gotcha.


We went in all different directions.
We looked at every single toy, and then left. We went to a dozen different stores, at at 9:00 I began to give up.

I parked the bike and we walked into the yard sale. I basically dragged them, since whenever somebody passed by they'd go limp.UPDATE: I'm sick for the first day of school with a 103 fever so I have a lot of time. This will be done in no time. And, I may get better soon, so I decided not to include Big Bear's story in this, but I will include it in part 2.

UPDATE: I'm better now, and I can go to school on Monday.

UPDATE: it's now Friday. School is hard yet fun.

UPDATE: It's now Sunday. Man, this post is taking a long time! Sorry.

UPDATE: Maybe I'll put all of my updates in this small corner, since I've gotten some work done ahead of this, and it's Tuesday.

Back to the story.

We searched all over the yard sale, until I could see it was hopeless.

ME: Let's just go home.BEE: Hey, we didn't look at this table.

ME: Oh, what's the use, Bee?

BEE: Let's just check before we go home.

ME: Okay. It couldn't hurt.

We walked over to the stand.

ME: Just an alarm clock and a lamp.

BEE: Jane, you can barely see over the table.

BIG BEAR: I'll boost you up.

I grabbed Ursalina and we headed to the checkout. When I finally got the cashier's attention, he rang up Ursalina and told me how much he needed.


Time to wrap it up, people!

Yes, all good things must come to a end.

I hope you had fun, because I certainly had fun.

Part 2 will be out soon!

I hope this was worth the wait!


PS: Random picture of the week: Me Eating A Banana