Saturday, August 20, 2011

Goonie Jane That's My Name Part 3

BEE: The only way we'll get up the wall is by teamwork. At the top of the wall, I found a baggie of Hershey Bars and stuck those in my backpack. I checked the map.

ME: It's another drop from here.

BEE: Don't wanna fall again!!

ME: Don't worry. Nothing's gonna happen. There's probably just some more pillows down there. And if something bad does happen, I have my Nancy Drew sleuth kit in my pack, also. Big Bear, go get a torch. It's dark down there.

BIG BEAR: I have the torch.

BEE: Okay. Let's jump.

And we jumped. I looked down for the pillows, but could see nothing but blackness. Then the torch revealed something most unpleasant.
We screamed. I was sure we were going to die, but I decided to try and save us, anyway.

BEE: I'm gonna let go and see what the story is.
We got our stuff together and tromped along.ME: Somebody tried to scare us.

At the edge of the mattress was a dark tunnel.

What horrors awaited for us in there?


PS: Let's give up a cheer! Part 4 is on its way!!

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  1. Exciting and fun! I really thought Bee was a goner. Great job, Jane! Looking forward to Part 4.