Friday, August 19, 2011

Goonie Jane That's My Name Part 2

I opened the map and it looked like this: S0 I had to walk next door first and find the entrance down to the shaft that led to the BURIED TREASURE!!! I grabbed a grocery bag to bring the treasure back and waved goodbye to Mom.

ME: It's almost too easy.

BIG BEAR: I don't see any booby traps.

ME: Let's go.

I walked towards the other house.

BIG BEAR: Hey! They're not home!

ME: Let's go inside.

We entered the house and came into a nice living room.

I walked around, but couldn't seem to find the entrance.
But Bee finally found it.
I grabbed Bee and Big Bear, and got ready to jump down.I threw my backpack down but heard nothing. I started to get nervous that it might be bottomless, but then I heard a soft "poomp".

Then we jumped.

We landed on a pile of pillows.
I checked the map, and we were to go West. We through a long hallway lit by torches, and suddenly we came to a giant wall.
There was writing on the wall, and I read aloud.
We needed to get up the wall.

But how?


PS: Part 3 is coming soon!

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  1. Love it, Jane! Your drawings illustrate the story so well. Can't wait for Part 3. :)