Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sun Girl And Rainbow Girl

These past two weeks I've been going to art camp, since I am extremely talented when it comes to drawing things. I guess I had expected something a bit more professional... ...than what it really was.But it was a nice camp. I made some pretty nice things. The first week I would've enjoyed if it had not been for this really mean girl named Daria. (I call her Diarrhea.)

I think she has issues. Apparently this boy named Ryan in our class became her boyfriend the second he walked in, even though they had never met before.

And apparently I've been trying to steal Ryan in her brain, even though I'm ten and they're twelve, so I'm no big threat.

She also does whatever it takes to be mean to me, and I've dealt with this kind of situation before about being the littlest but she really started to get on my nerves.

Like one time, we were playing Ninja...

And one time she really needed to get to Ryan who was beside me but she was kneeling down to tie her shoes so when she stood up she bumped me and she's like "HEY!!" like it was my fault and then she shoved me in order to catch up with Ryan and 'payback'.

One time I called her a jerk and she told on me but the counselors were teenage boys so they really didn't care.

Only one good thing came out of that week because I got my anger out on comic drawing...Sorry it's sideways but it says: The adventures of Sun Girl and Rainbow Girl Issue number 1 Part 1/2 Sun Girl Vs. Daria-o-tron

GAH! They're all sideways. But if you could just tilt your laptop or your head... sorry, I had to take these on my bedroom floor with my old camera since I lost my Flip camera and they turned out all weird when I uploaded them. Sorry.
I don't think the flip camera wouldn't take pictures and only video, anyway.
This one's right side up. I think they're all right side up from now on. I wrote three other issues, but I post those later.
And the back page...And The End! I hope you liked it!

I'll post another post about the other three later.

Here's another video from Charlie


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  1. Jane, it looks like you taught them a thing or two at art camp. ;) Great work, as always.