Saturday, August 27, 2011


We interrupt your regularly scheduled series to report that HURRICANE IRENE is rampaging through the US and is headed straight for the Cooper Estate!!

We interrupt this screaming panic... report that the hurricane has changed it's course and now we will only be getting heavy rain!
But you might want to clean out your basement, since there might be some flooding!
And bring in the potted plants from outside.


PS: Happy Hurricane!!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Goonie Jane That's My Name Part 3

BEE: The only way we'll get up the wall is by teamwork. At the top of the wall, I found a baggie of Hershey Bars and stuck those in my backpack. I checked the map.

ME: It's another drop from here.

BEE: Don't wanna fall again!!

ME: Don't worry. Nothing's gonna happen. There's probably just some more pillows down there. And if something bad does happen, I have my Nancy Drew sleuth kit in my pack, also. Big Bear, go get a torch. It's dark down there.

BIG BEAR: I have the torch.

BEE: Okay. Let's jump.

And we jumped. I looked down for the pillows, but could see nothing but blackness. Then the torch revealed something most unpleasant.
We screamed. I was sure we were going to die, but I decided to try and save us, anyway.

BEE: I'm gonna let go and see what the story is.
We got our stuff together and tromped along.ME: Somebody tried to scare us.

At the edge of the mattress was a dark tunnel.

What horrors awaited for us in there?


PS: Let's give up a cheer! Part 4 is on its way!!