Wednesday, July 20, 2011


There are three main categories for dancing.

1. Super awesome (like ninjas on unicorns)

2. Okay (Waltzes, tap dancing, birthday party dances)
3. Just gross (Not dancing at all but there's music playing, screw ups, sumo wrestlers dancing)
I happen to be an 'super awesome' dancer.
The first time I went to a dance club was like a dream come true.
At 8:00 there would be a dance contest, which is why mom brought me. She settled in a corner and waited while I signed my name up and waited to dance. Finally the floor was cleared. I was second in line, and the winner of that round would challenge the next person in line. The people voted and I won hands down.
And then I won again.
And again.
And again.So basically I won until there was only one contestant left; the guy who had been at the bar when I first walked in.

I hadn't seen him dance yet, but I was so confident he'd be just like all the others. Also, I was a little afraid of him.
It was an epic battle of awesomeness. We went on for an hour before all the votes were in.
Finally the music stopped playing. And I won!
And the guy? Well, I think he was okay about it.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Stuff

So yesterday afternoon I was watching a YouTube video by my second favorite you tuber, charlieissocoollike. I've watched every one of his videos but was out of date. So first I watched a video about his 1,000,000 subscribers and then I found this video: it's by him and it's about time travel.

Basically it's about cookies and time travel.

So I was very amused by this video, and watched it over and over again until I had memorized it. So I had a free afternoon.

Yesterday morning I had sailing camp. I learned how to turn, and this class we went all the way across the Long Island Sound and back. Oh, and here are some pictures for my last post, Rosalie's Puppies. These are actual photos taken at Jacqueline's house about thirteen days after the puppies were born.

In case you didn't know: there were originally four puppies, the girl died ( :( )... so there's three. The boys are Mr. Lawyer, Fifi, and Kiwi. Kiwi is the one they are keeping now.


Rosalie, Kiwi, Fifi, and Mr. Lawyer...

All pictures Copyright 2011 Jacqueline R. All Rights Reserved Used By Permission

Kiwi, Fifi, and Mr. Lawyer...

This is either Fifi or Kiwi. Jackie painted Kiwi's nails after these were taken to tell them apart but for now their nails aren't painted so Kiwi and Fifi look a lot like each other.

Ooh! A real photo! Jackie and Kiwi or Fifi...Okay. This is the moment of a thousand posts... the picture you all have been waiting for. A picture of ME. Myself. I. And Mr. Lawyer. I'm going to put some space between this text and the picture to make you suffer.

WOOO!! Go me! Now you may understand my pictures more!!



Oh......... yeah.......

I wear glasses. Ever since I was six. I guess I just didn't draw them because... man... glasses are hard.Okay... not that hard... but my eyes are too far apart, they're ugly, and plus... I don't even have a nose.

Anyway... off topic. More pictures of ME (yay me!) and Mr. Lawyer. My favorite. I guess I like him because he's unique. No other puppies are black... and his fur is so dang soft!Unfortunentally, those exact glasses were swept away by a wave on July 4th. Just ruined my whole day. I had those lenses for two years and gotten new perscriptions in it, so they had a lot of sentimental value. Actually... I got those in second grade... so... three years. :( :( :(

OOH!! That puppy face just makes me want to melt!!!!And this one is my absolute favorite...Ahh......

Okay so here's sleeping Kiwi or Fifi...Let me hear you... one... two... three... AWWWWWW.

So after that it was naptime and we laid down with them.
I remember that image up there ^ so well... look at it's little paw on my arm. These puppies are more adorable than you can ever imagine. :)


Okay. So I have no pictures, but back to sailing.

Today we're going on a treasure hunt all the way across the Sound in Sand City. :)

So I have to go, class starts at 9:30 to 12. But I'll write more soon!

Peace out!



Monday, July 11, 2011

Rosalie's Puppies

As you know, at my new school I have a friend named Jacqueline. Jackie's nice and her doxin terrior had puppies. Rosalie, her dog, was moping around when she was pregnant. She was a fat fatty fatso of a fat dog. When I came over Rosalie was still moping around.She kept on making weird gurgling sounds and it really got on my nerves while we were playing Poker. Jacqueline couldn't stand it too so she suggested that we make nice little pictures for Rosalie's Heating Room, where she has to be in a nice heated place to give birth to the puppies, or recover, but probably just recover. She still bothered us so we took her outside to play. We watched her gurgle for a while as we played Go Fish and then, suddenly, she took off running. We chased her to the other side of the yard.

S0 Rosalie got away. But that's okay because she didn't go very far before she got snagged on a trampoline and couldn't get out. We decided to have some fun and climbed on and bounced her around. But we bounced her too much and she was able to wriggle free of the tangled net and took off towards some docks. We didn't know where we were until we were on deck of a ferry that was about to take off. But the motar roared to life and we were whizzing away. We went down on deck, wondering what to do. A man came by.

THE MAN: You ladies got your fishing poles yet?

ME: Fishing poles?

THE MAN: Why of course! This here is the James Joseph III, the greatest fishing boat in the world. Tell yuh what, since I like the looks of y'all I'm gonna let you have a bucket of bait for free.

JACQUELINE: Well that's very kind of you but we need to get off this boat, we didn't mean to.

THE MAN: Huh. *SCRATCHES HEAD* Well then, this here's a 3 hour trip. You ain't going home soon so might as well enjoy yourselves. *HOLDS OUT FISHING POLES AND BAIT*

ME: Agh! *TAKES POLE AND BAIT* But just to give you a heads up, her puppy's gonna have babies any day now and so she may have to go into labor on the deck.

THE MAN: Well, enjoy.

And he walked off. Jacqueline shrugged. We carried Rosalie out to the deck and then we dropped our lines in and waited, glancing at her for any signs of birth. We caught four fish: of which Rosalie ate them all, so she had to lie down for a while and we ate Cup a Noodles inside.

ME, SLURPING SOUP: What are we going to do?

JACQUELINE: I know. No doctor's here to help. I've heard of the mother dying before. *SNIFF*

ME, HANDING HER A HANKY: Maybe we can convince the captain to go back.

JACQUELINE, LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW: We're too far from shore. And it might disrupt the other passengers if we have to turn back around.

Suddenly, Rosalie started howling. She had hidden under one of the benches and was moaning and wouldn't come out. So we fished with a howling dog at our feet.Pretty soon Rosalie stopped from pure exhaustion. But Jackie was worried anyway, and asked me to watch her line. She didn't come back, so I reeled in our lines and went to check on her.

And I was not happy with what I saw.I was mad for Jackie sleeping on the job, so I shook her awake. The captain's voice came over the speakers and told us to reel in our lines and we were heading in. Jackie and I dashed off of the boat. I took the liberty of slapping the dude with the headphones because he was so stupid to not hear us and get us off the boat in the first place. We ran home as fast as we could.

An hour later, four puppies were born.3 boys and 1 girl.

SAD PART: Three days later, the girl died.

She had a hole in her throat so instead of into her stomach the milk went into her lungs.

RIP Saba (that's her name. Jackie's mom had a dog named Saba that got run over by a car and so they decided to name her Saba but not Jackie swears that the name is cursed)

But, the three boys are alive and healthy. The last one in the picture is the biggest, he's already a foot long! The balck one is my favorite, it's going to Jackie's 25-year-old brother. His name is Ponach Mic Lochan, or Mr. Lawyer because Jackie's brother is a lawyer.

The girl, (second from the left) Saba, had sadly been the one Jackie had wanted to keep. See, one would go to her brother, one would go to the vet, one they would keep and one they would sell. But now they are keeping Kiwi (1st one from right) and I like him well enough. I was hoping they might sell one of them to me, like Scout and Austin aren't enough dogs. But still.

RIP Saba.

PS: this post is dedicated to a dead dog. Is that wrong? No.