Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Momma's Day

NOTE: This post is dedicated to the greatest mom in the world: MOMMA!!! Happy Momma's Day!!

Before I moved to NY when I was seven, as you know, I lived in Austin, Texas. Recently we went back there during Easter Break, and it made me think of one time when I was four when I went up to Dallas to visit my grandmother. While visiting, nobody noticed me pushing the screen door open and going outside. I walked down to the creek, my favorite spot, but there was something different about it.There was some sort of strange murky liquid flowing in the lake. I had just learned to swim, and I decided to try my 'expert' swimming on the creek. Everything was going great.But then something started pushing on me.

I was carried down the stream until I came to a house. I climbed on shore and walked up to the house. When I told them I was lost they quickly dried me off and fed me.
While I was eating Cheerios the woman, named Mrs. Grossman, (but she wasn't a man and she was pretty so I didn't get that) decided to go upstairs to take a bath. Now, I LOVED baths. So as soon as I heard the water running I headed upstairs, because every bath was obviously for me. If somebody wanted to take a bath they'd have to share. So when Mrs. Grossman fetched her towels I climbed into the tub.
They tried seven times to take a bath, but each time I beat them to the tub. They had to wait patiently while I gave myself a bath, climbed out, and walked away before trying again. She finally dressed me up and decided to find my mom before I priced the water bill any higher. I told them my mom's name was Momma, and we started wandering down the street asking the neighbors if I belonged to them. I wandered away while they were having a conversation with a man.
I walked down the street and saw two boys playing with their dogs. They were giving their dolls a ride on the dogs' backs.
The dogs came towards me. I was so excited I pushed the doll off and hopped on.
I got off at my grandmother's house and walked inside.

Happy Momma's Day.



  1. too cute! i especially loved your illustrations of your parents.

  2. There's something weird with the comments. I've tried twice to leave one to say THANK YOU for this sweet post. Hope this one is the charm!


    PS: You really always did love baths. Until now.