Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Day In The Life

When I was three and a half I always woke my parents up at dawn.

I mean, it wasn't my fault, it was DAYTIME. Time to get up, rub my belly and fix me a fresh batch of cous-cous for breakfast.

"Mom, Dad, the SUN is up!! You don't HAVE to stay in bed anymore!"

Mom and Dad had always told me I had to wait until sunrise to wake them.

Each morning Mom and Dad would stagger downstairs, unable to operate without a single drop of caffeine in their blood and when they got downstairs they would see a overly-excited six year old and three year old holding a tray of plastic food and a plastic kitchen and a bucket of plastic food, with two plastic apples spilled out onto the floor.

Then Mom would 'eat' the banana and spoon while Dad made coffee. At some point I would decide Mom was hogging too much food so I gave Dad my glass of plastic milk and he gave me real milk in a baby bottle in exchange. I stashed the food back in the box and we sat down to real breakfast. Then we'd be engrossed in cartoons while Mom continued to sleep at the breakfast table and Dad got ready for work. We crowded around him when he was about to go. After Dad left Mom would wash the dishes and do some housecleaning while Ana and I raced outside with our baby dolls. We would set out bottles of water and bowls and prop our babies up against bushes and trees. We had this special sort of paste of flour and water. It wasn't for eating, but it was fun to serve our babies with. We also loved shaping the paste and stuff. After we fed our baby dolls we would go into the backyard with Mom to harvest the garden. Then we would have lunch. After lunch Ana and I would go downstairs. We had a game where you took the Easter egg shells from last Easter and hide them and then the other would find them. And then Mom would lie down. Ana and I planned all KINDS of mischief while Mom was asleep. Planned. We didn't do it. We were too good children to be bad, so all we did was plan.

Dad was usually home at 6:00. He'd get changed and then we'd eat dinner and watch a movie. Then we'd start winding down, Mom would take Ana to her room and tuck her in while Dad and I snuggled together reading stories until we fell asleep. Soon the entire house was dark, and all was quiet. That was a day in the life seven years ago. As you can imagine, the routine has changed, but not by much.


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  1. Eat the banana and SPOON??

    Haha, you are too funny Jane!


    Mutti and Jerry