Saturday, March 12, 2011

Running Away (With Guest Star Izzie) Part 2

I bought train tickets. I paid to put my bike in storage and then I waited for the train.When the train came I hopped on board. The captain said it was a little over 3 hours to reach Vermont, and the train had wifi. I decided to check in with Izzie when a girl slid into the seat across from me. I remembered the oldest saying, Mom says never talk to a stranger. My mind snapped and I thought it meant that this stranger was bad and if I talked to her she'd hurt me, so I went into shock and just stared at her.
I finally worked up my nerve and told her my name. She told me her name was Tiffany. I told her why I was running away, and she told me she had run away at my exact age and had been on the go for thirteen years, so she was twenty three. This was a fancy train and it had a dining car and she bought me some pizza and we talked. Tiffany only stayed on for an hour because she was dropped off in NYC, and she gave me her cell number so I could call her later. I had to switch trains and get onto some sort of Subway-like train that was super dirty.
It was about four in the morning by the time I reached Vermont, and I walked into a restaurant and my email buzzed.

MOM: You're kidding.

ME: I'm not kidding.

MOM: Tell me you're kidding.

ME: I'm not kidding.


ME: But that'd be lying and you always say


ME: Oooookkkkaaaayyyy... I'm kidding.

MOM: NO YOU'RE NOT!!!!! Jane, come home, RIGHT NOW or I'll come get you

ME: But it's complicated, see, izzie ran away and

MOM: I don't care about izzie!! THIS IS ABOUT YOU! COME HOME RIGHT THIS INSTANT! You're grounded forever already!

ME: But mom...

MOM: NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* is no longer online*.

I couldn't believe it. I was there. I HAD BEEN SO CLOSE. Now I had to turn back. I emailed Izzie saying I was sorry and then I came back home. It is now March 12, 2011 and yesterday I got back. But someday I'm going back. Izzie says that she'll go back to Texas one day too, but I was talking about going up to VERMONT for HER. I was going to get back there. I WAS.



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  3. Great writing and pictures!!