Friday, March 11, 2011

Running Away (With Guest Star Izzie) Part 1

When I was four years old I ran away. For like ten minutes.
My sister's blubbering and sobbing brought me back home, and I knew that I had to come home because I had only seen Ana that upset one other time, when she broke her collar bone. I also came home because she had already spent half of her life racking her brains making mischievous schemes to hurt me, and I would've thought she'd be happy that I'd run away. Putting a bucket of water over the door? That was too old. Ana was completely original.
But the idea of running away had not escaped my mind. One day when I was ten years old I was so angry I was sure to run away and never come back this time, but while I was packing my laptop I noticed my friend Isabel wanted to chat with me.
I couldn't believe it. She actually had the guts to do what I could never have done. I started typing frantically.Izzie told me that she had gotten on a plane on March 9th 2011. She claimed that she hadn't run away, she had just ditched school. Going to Vermont? That's running away. I needed proof. I couldn't believe it.

ME: Izzie, take a pic of yourself out in the snow, because I know there's no snow in Texas where you live so you out in the snow I'll know you've run away

IZZIE: But why can't you just believe me?

ME: Just please.

IZZIE: Okay.
Sent it.

ME: Izzie. That's totally fake.

IZZIE: Geez! Fine I'll take a pic of the ticket then.
sent it, but the text is backwards. You know how cameras are.

ME: Yeh. 1 sec.

I shone the picture up to a mirror to read the passport.ME: Oh.
U DID RUN AWAY!!! I have to go...

* is no longer online*.

My Isabel. She was just a few states north of me. Isabel was eight years old, she NEEDED ME. I didn't know how long she proposed to stay but I had made up my mind. I was going to run away.

I packed up my bags and at midnight I headed outside. I rode my bike five blocks to 7-11 and then I was so exhausted and sleepy I stopped to rest outside.

I went inside with my money for a snack, but the man said they were just closing and he couldn't serve me. But I was so hungry.
The man finally gave in and let me buy a pack of M&Ms, and then he shooed me outside and hurried into his car, and then he drove away. I stuck the M&Ms into my backpack and rode a little ways further, and then I knew it was pointless. I couldn't reach Vermont on a bicycle. And then I noticed something.

To be continued...

Mwahaha! I'm so mean!


PS: This post id dedicated to my now-teenager sister Ana. HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY, ANA!!!!!


  1. U ran away? 4 me? I don't know about that...... hm......

  2. Oh and plz erase my last name on the boarding pass pic. Thanks!