Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hide And Go Seek

My old Texas friends and I were seriously serious about hide-and-go-seek. We'd do whatever it took to win, and we took some pretty close calls.

And I especially loved it when idiots got to play 'it'.

But it got really difficult when expert hide-and-go-seekers were 'it'. If you were hiding and an expert was about to find you you have three options:

A. Let them find you.

B. Pull off a super-awesome-unearthly-way-too-close-call.
C. Pee
So anyway, we were experts. Then one day I became the hide-and-seek-leader of our group. Slowly the group found each other and searched for each other, and finally I was the only one left to be found. They couldn't find me.
I was hiding in the living room chandelier. They split up into groups of two. Phillip and Molly would search upstairs, and Evan and Erin would search downstairs. They finally decided to search the living room. Evan was climbing up onto the chandelier and I had to make an amazingly silent and quick leap out the window.
I hid there until I heard their voices coming outside. I made a break for the tree next to the roof when they decided to search outside, and I had to climb up to the very top to avoid being found. And then there was Molly.

She landed on the trampoline (thank goodness) and everybody found me after that. Molly was okay, just a little dazed. Then they crowned me hide-and-go-seek leader of our group.

ME: I don't understand...

FRIENDS: Only a serious hide-and-go-seeker would try and cover up her hiding place by almost murdering her finder.

ME: Thank you for summing that up.

They gave me a crown and ever since I have been hide-and-go-seek champion.



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