Wednesday, July 20, 2011


There are three main categories for dancing.

1. Super awesome (like ninjas on unicorns)

2. Okay (Waltzes, tap dancing, birthday party dances)
3. Just gross (Not dancing at all but there's music playing, screw ups, sumo wrestlers dancing)
I happen to be an 'super awesome' dancer.
The first time I went to a dance club was like a dream come true.
At 8:00 there would be a dance contest, which is why mom brought me. She settled in a corner and waited while I signed my name up and waited to dance. Finally the floor was cleared. I was second in line, and the winner of that round would challenge the next person in line. The people voted and I won hands down.
And then I won again.
And again.
And again.So basically I won until there was only one contestant left; the guy who had been at the bar when I first walked in.

I hadn't seen him dance yet, but I was so confident he'd be just like all the others. Also, I was a little afraid of him.
It was an epic battle of awesomeness. We went on for an hour before all the votes were in.
Finally the music stopped playing. And I won!
And the guy? Well, I think he was okay about it.



  1. Love it, Jane! I just Tweeted about it!

  2. Made me laugh out loud again, Janie! Your illustrations are WONDERFUL!


    (For the record, Jane has never been to a dance contest in a bar. Just wanted to be sure everyone knew that. Hate to have CPS show up at the door.)

  3. Yay! I like the way you draw your sweet moves!