Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cha Cha's Art

My great 'aunt' Cha Cha only met me once before she died. I was one year old, and you see, Aunt Cha Cha was an AMAZING abstract artist. That is when I got my passion for art.
After Aunt Cha Cha died I had no spark for my art. I developed a passion for writing, but never again did I draw another picture. Until one day I was so upset I grabbed a pen and drew the best picture I've ever drawn.
I gaped at the picture.

I was seven years old.

I showed Mom the sketch, expecting her to ship it off immediately to a museum and for the money to start rolling in, but all she told me was that I had inherited Cha Cha's art gift. I stormed off. I didn't need to take this. I was a real artist, and I didn't care if she didn't care. So for the next week I painted and sketched and painted anytime, anywhere, every minute of every day.

My Mother finally snapped when I went too far.MOM: Sweetie, just because Cha Cha is gone doesn't mean you have to carry on her tradition just because you've inherited her talent for drawing.

ME: Yes, it kinda does.

MOM: Sweetie, maybe you should take a break. You're drawing too much. I'm not saying you should give it up entirely, but there are other activities in life. Reading a book, writing a story...

ME: Drawing pictures to help tell the story...

MOM: Honey. It's embarrassing how you draw certain things. Maybe you should take up fiction drawing.

ME: Fiction?

MOM: Yes. Untrue things. Such as unicorns...


MOM: Okay... bad example. But you can draw pigs with wings...or flying cars... basically anything not real. I have to go to work. Think about what I said.

And I did. When she came home she saw me.MOM: It's a story based on a adventure you had when you were little.

ME: Except for the parts I made up to make it more interesting. I also added little pictures that show what's going on.

MOM: I see. Hey!! Oh my goodness! You should keep a blog!

ME: What's a blog?

MOM: It's where you can show almost everybody in the world what's going on and stuff. Come on, I'll show you.

And thus, the blog of the century was born.


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  1. Did you actually draw that black and white picture of the girl? Because that's pretty amazing.