Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sally The Tree

At some point in my early childhood I gave up wearing diapers. I felt like a 'big kid' now and I told mom that I was going for a walk all by myself. My mom agreed as long as I wore a diaper for one last time. I wasn't happy, but I went along with it just to wear it one more time. Suddenly, I found my sister. She had been following me, Mom had told her too. Ana was six and I was two and a half, but I was so furious. I could do this on my own. I WAS A BIG KID. I sent Ana home and continued on my walk. When I got home I realized Ana's 'Think Green' girl scout group was having a meeting, and I came in to watch. Ana and her friends had a slogan: I actually hadn't hugged a tree in a while so I went outside and I hugged a tree.Suddenly, I felt it.
I had fallen in love with a tree. I scrambled up the tree and stayed there until somebody noticed.
My mom tried everything to get me down from that tree... my favorite foods, (even foods that I wanted but wasn't allowed to have) my favorite toys, but I held strong. I even named the tree.

My mother finally got to me.
I absolutely loved pizza. Especially with green pepper toppings. But I couldn't get down. Sally had a bunch of junk stuck in her branches, and I formed a mischievous scheme, and then I built the contraption and came down.
Don't ask me how I did it. I just did it.

Next thing I new, the next day I was in an office taking my IQ test.


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  1. love it, fabulous. and my favorite part? picking up the binky as you pass your mom.