Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Ten Days Of Pure Pain Part 1.

Remember how I wrote that post, Sick In Bed? Well, I'm still sick and now the doctor has told me I have strep throat. It all started the day before yesterday yesterday evening, and it was the third day of being sick and dad decided to take me to a CVS pharmacy to get checked out.We sat outside the office for a few minutes.But then I realized something and panicked.What if they would give me the (pause and wait for thunder and lightning) STREP TEST? The Strep Test would hurt my now sore throat and it would hurt much more after the test. I was about to make a break for it, but the doctor called my name and we entered the office. The office sort of looked like this to me: In real life it looked like this:The doctor sat me down and played on her computer for a while until daddy returned from the restroom. Then she asked him a few questions, if I had been here before and my date of birth; stuff like that. Then she (The doctor's name was Miss Kim) started asking ME questions. And some of them were personal too, I wished dad would look away.

MISS KIM: Have you started puberty yet?

ME: Er... I don't think so.

MISS KIM: Okay. (scribbles on clipboard for a second) Why are you crying?

ME: I'm afraid you'll give me the strep test.

MISS KIM: I won't, maybe if It's necessary. (I feel a little better now)Now, I know you're crying because you're afraid of the strep test, but look at the chart on the wall, from one to five how much does your throat hurt?

The chart on the wall looked like one I had seen in Hyperbole and a Half so I went along with it. I said my throat feels about a three.

Then she examined my ears, my nose, and finally my throat.

MISS KIM: Do your ears hurt at all?

ME: Not really. Sometimes, I guess.

MISS KIM, TALKING TO DADDY: Her ears are a little red, one second please.

She sat down at her computer and started typing away. Dad let me hold his phone and play a game.

The doctor finally pulled away from her computer and folded her hands, and grabbed a glove and mask. My eyes grew wide.

MISS KIM: Well, I'm very sorry Jane but I can't tell what's going on unless we take a strep test.

DAD: It'll be fine.

My mouth dropped open. I looked from dad and then to Miss Kim in disbelief.

This is the first thing that came to mind:But, nevertheless, I took the test and got some Ice Cream at TCBY.
Then we went home after we got my prescription pills, and I needed to take one my pills, (I needed o take 2 pills for ten days) but the pills were BIG.I got it down, but then I started feeling serious heartburn. The pain grew stronger, and I refused every food they gave me, even the leftovers of my ice cream. Therefore I was banished to the bathtub to calm down.--Jane

PS Part 2 is coming soon!

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  1. Jane,

    hope you get to feeling better! I had to take the strep test once too. I know how awful it can be.