Saturday, January 29, 2011

Strength In Numbers

I had lots of friends when I was little, we were like one big pack wandering around together. There was this one boy named Phillip who actually thought I was a cat, and not a human being, for a while.At first I went along with it, but then he started to really freak me out.
But he got over it, and he's normal now. Phillip is just one example of the twenty... thirty kids I used to hang out with. Sometimes they even followed me home.
I loved being popular. Bullies stayed away from me, and I was never lonely. I also had a good crowd for my jokes. But sometimes when I wasn't trying to be funny somebody laughed, and sometimes it got on my nerves. So one day the group was playing out in the woods.I called attention, we were going to play a game. A guy named Frankie suggested we play hide and go seek, and everybody agreed. We had a vote and I was chosen to find people. See, I liked finding out where people are and then scaring them out of their wits by sneaking up behind them and yelling right in their ear. But I'd get scared if somebody does it to me, and sometimes I'd pee in my pants. But right now I was scouting for them. They always make battle plans while I'm counting, trying to avoid getting scared, but I always hear them. This time was that they'd watch the people hiding in front of them and see when I was coming.

And it goes on. I beat all of them until Mom called me inside and the group stayed out in the woods. She told me she wanted me to go to the grocery store and shop for her, and I asked the group if they wanted to come along. They all said yes so we went for the grocery store and shopped together. And that's why I wanted to tell you about my group of friends, because, after all, strength comes in numbers.


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  1. They all said yes so we went for the grocery store and shopped together. WOH bug mess WOW