Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sluggish Goldfish

My fish are very happy sometimes, when they swim around and do somersaults; it's cute. But today they were all sluggish as I fed them, and I usually get a warm welcome.So they were really slacking off with that welcome thing, and I was not happy. So I did the first thing that came to mind.
Yeah, the fishies stopped being sluggish after that. No, they just swam sluggishly away from the spoon whenever it threatened to conk them. I sat on my bed and stared at them, and finally one of them ate a piece of food, then hid in the small cave. I decided to do something worthwhile with my time since school will be starting up tomorrow.
But I got no response from the fish, and no notes, either. I ignored the fish for a while, and then called the professional help of my friend Shannon.

We needed to liven up my fish. We tried everything, fun gravel, little plastic plants but they just swam in place like slugs. Then we went out and bought more colorful fish food.
There was no reaction to the food, and I screamed in frustration. Shannon calmed me down and said that she could hypnotise them into being all happy and playful again.
What will cure these goldfish of their sluggishness? Suddenly, I realized why the fish were sluggish. See, I have a jambox next to my fishtank. We had to move it to the floor, in doing unplugging it, while dad had moved the new 10-gallon fishtank onto the shelf. The fish LOVE music. They always crowd around the end with the jambox whenever I turn the jambox on. So I plugged it in, and...


PS HAPPY 2011!!!!!!

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