Monday, January 3, 2011

School's Started Up And A Video About The True Tragedy Of Snow

Yes, school started up yesterday and I am still completely wiped out from my first day back.When I got home from school I was sad to see the sight of the 2 feet of snow we had gotten almost all gone. I started picking off little pieces of the Gingerbread House and walking around in sorrow until mom asked me what was wrong.

MOM: Okay, Jane. Something is wrong; I can tell.

ME: The snow's all gone.

MOM: Don't you dare make another snow machine!!

ME: I won't, but what can I do about it?

MOM: Nothing really, honey.

ME: But I'm afraid that this, the second snowfall of this winter season, will be the last snowfall.

MOM: I'm sorry, we weren't really lucky this season. Now go and play.

I slunk off and sat at my desk, thinking about what I could do. I finally decided that I'd make a movie with my new video camera, showing everybody the real tragedy of Winter, though everybody thinks it would be lovely to live up north where all the glistening snow is. So I went down into the basement to grab some stuff.

I grabbed my stuff and tromped outside through the melted snow and set up set in a camp but I had to make a checklist and make a couple trips with my supplies. I sat the keyboard on some moss and set the Flip video camera on daddy's video camera stand. I got it to hold it just in the right position, pointed up at the sky. I sat at the keyboard and played a funeral march, and planned to animate in a title called 'The True Tragedy Of Snow' and some snowflakes.
Now that I had my title scene the narrator had to be dressed up in something totally appropriate for the movie, but didn't look much like me so everybody could see who I was when appeared in my normal clothes to give a lecture or something and I dug through the costume box I had brought out and came up with a few possible narrator outfits.



And it goes on. I decided to just do the whole performance in my clothes I had on now, but I needed a cameraman to follow me around as I went to station to station (I had set up stations) and explained the real tragedy of winter. I called out my sister, but she was no help.

I asked my mom but she was making lunch and dad was off on a business trip in Florida. I gave up and went inside.
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope YOU have snow!!

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