Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fresh Snow

Snow came the day I got better from being sick, but it was just a little snow, about 2 inches, but I had slept in (it was Saturday and as you can imagine being sick really wears you out) and so the dogs got to the snow before I could.I was very displeased at this sight, love to put my own footprint in a patch of fresh snow, but there was no more fresh snow. Mom and Dad weren't up yet and so I wasn't allowed in the front yard where the dogs weren't allowed so it would obviously be fresh now. I shut the dogs inside and tried to think of a plan to make the entire yard smooth. Then I had an idea and took the wheelbarrow and went back into the woods. I piled the wheelbarrow high with smooth pieces of snow, being careful not to mess them up. Then I put a smooth patch of snow over each dog print and set everything up. Some of the pieces of snow were ice, so I walked on that. It was perfect.But then the back door to the house swung open, and...
I started yelling at her.
I got the idea she wasn't listening at the end of my lecture.


PS I'm so happy I got over wishing you a happy 2011! Oops.

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