Friday, January 28, 2011

Illness Causes Mental Illness

I'm sick again with a cold and possibly the flu.

I'm going to tell you about an adventure I once had when I was eight, and I was insane from being sick. It started one night, and I couldn't sleep because my nose was so stuffed up.
I played Rock Paper Scissors with my teddy bear but he could do nothing but paper. I sat up and walked over to my desk and drew my nose. Then I made a whole bunch of cartoon noses, and pretty soon I was practicing noses for half an hour.
I paced about the room, thinking about what I could do besides blow my nose and curse the sandman. Then I got an idea. I took two huge empty boxes and draped sheets over the tops.
Then I tiptoed out of my room, down to the basement and brought up the Easter Egg box.
I brought up my old bead collection (I used to collect beads as a hobby, I must have spent over fifty dollars on beads) and I took the shells of the Easter eggs and filled them with beads. Then I got my desk chair and a chair from the table downstairs, and I sat my teddy bear, Big Bear, on a chair. Then I made a sign.Then I sat down and waited. I expected somebody who HAPPENED to be walking by my street at 2:30 AM to magically see inside my window, see the sign and say, "OMG!! 1 cent each?! What a bargain!" and pretty soon I'd have enough money to fill my piggybank.

So I sat in my chair and waited at my desk, I was the clerk who made receipts and stuff.

15 minutes went by.
30 minutes.
An hour.
I finally gave up and returned to bed. I thought about some memories and at 4:30 light poured in through the window. Dawn! Mom and dad had said I was never allowed outside when it was dark, but now it was light! Without bothering to put on any clothes except for my nightgown, I burst outside and romped in the snow.


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