Sunday, December 26, 2010

Well, The Snow Is Back.

Really back.
It started this morning, the blizzard, and 2 feet of snow are yet to come. It's so much you can't even go outside anymore!
Yah, no playdate for me. (I'll write another blog post on my friends later, I promise) So I was sitting, making snowballs and wondering what happened to the ashes of my previous snow contraption after mom burned it to the ground (she fainted, got a torch, and FOOM! She didn't appreciate the machine, I believe) and I made a snowangel. Then I went inside for a movie.Frosty scares me bad, man.

ME: AAA! AAA! Run, children! Run! It's alive! Santa, don't open that door!

I got the idea that Frosty was scary from a comic strip, but seriously.

After 30 seconds of the movie, I decided to go back out inside. I had a sinister plot planned to kill Ana by throwing snowballs at her.

Projected Experience:

Actual Experience:
It was so much after that that I discovered that it was too much for us to be outside. So Ana and I headed in and warmed up by the fire, and then I sat in my Christmas present wrapping and preparing my new fishtank.

Yes. The new fishtank triumphs over the old one. Dad had to move the 5-gallon fishtank to the floor, and the fish were not happy about it. I think one got sick, because... do fish have tongues? Because something came out of a fish's mouth and went right back in. Was it that rude to stick it's tongue out at me? They're so hungry (like the puppy) it may have sucked it's vomit back in, however. Anyway, we're working on the fishtank right now. Maybe I'll write another post that may or may not be illegal. (See previous post)

Happy Holidays!


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