Friday, December 31, 2010

A Sleepover With Shannon

I love this girl named Evan, she lives back in Texas, and she and I have known each other since we were 2 years old. We almost never get to see each other but when we finally do we try to make the most of it.I know Evan has nothing to do with my other friend Shannon and our last sleepover, but I just wanted to mention her. Anyway, Shannon is my best friend from NY and she's super nice.
And we are both afraid of the dark, see. But we're also afraid of burglars breaking in and killing us, so our dark fear did not help at all. My hair is such a mess at night.

So anyway, we couldn't sleep at all. We tried a lot of methods of trying to get comfortable enough to fall asleep, and one of them was taking my old blue blanket and sleeping on the floor.

But that didn't help, so we tried some more stuff, but finally we gave up and just started to read. As you can imagine, it's pretty hard to read in the dark, and we couldn't turn our lights on for fearing we'd disturb a parent. After 10 minutes we gave up and decided to sneak downstairs, but first we had to be brave enough to open the door.
In the end I had to open it, and I almost screamed when I opened the door in a karate-pose but caught myself when I realized my parent's door was closed, and they're sleeping whenever their door is closed. We crept down the stairs, paralyzed at every creak when the house was settling. But then we heard a thump, and then a scrape. Our little minds jumped to conclusions. (Shannon's taller than me, but she's nine years old btw)
We trampled each other up the stair and locked ourselves in my room, then we closed the window blinds and locked the window and hid in my closet for a half hour until we went scouting, and it turned out to be my cat going after the catnip mouse, and I was so angry at it that I got my bat and...
Shannon choked me until I dropped the bat, but we did it so silently that nobody heard us. I turned the volume way down on the TV and we started watching, but not before refilling the pepper spray. Suddenly, the TV switched off, and we couldn't get it back on. We were freaked out and we just decided to pig out. Then we ran upstairs, when we ran into somebody on the stairs.
Luckily, I had grabbed a certain something in the kitchen, but long ago mom had confiscated all the flashlights because of a certain.... incident.
We were kind of insane from being tired and scared, so we just broke into something that I kind of regret.
We danced.


(PS: Happy new year! 2011!!!)


  1. This one's great, myself! Why tank you, me! I'm glad SOMEBODY posted a comment!

  2. Happy New Year Jane! Happy Sleepover! Boogie, Boogie!