Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It'd Better Snow On Christmas Or I Am Moving To Alaska

This past summer has been a little TOO warm because I feel like I've never seen snow before.
I decided today that last week's half inch of snow was not enough.
I stormed in the house for a cold drink, and asked mom if she could turn the weather to snow for me. She said no, but she said that she could put me over a vent and turn up the air conditioning and shower me with crushed ice. I said no thank you and went outside. Then something wonderful happened. I saw my garden. It was dead. My little mind raced to conclusions and I burst back inside.
ME: *pant pant* MOM!!!

MOM, not looking up from doing the dishes: What is it, sweetie?

ME: It's winter!!!

MOM: Oh my gosh! Is it snowing?! I need my camera! Camera! Who has my camera?

ME, infuriated: NO mom! I wish it was snowing, but winter is here because the garden is dead! Right?! RIGHT?!
MOM: Ohh. Janie, it's December, and it's 90 degrees. We're not going to have serious winter for a while, hun.

ME: You'll never understand.

So then I raced upstairs and peer out the window, waiting for frost to form on the lawn or for snowflakes to fall.

MOM, entering without knocking: Puppy, there's not going to be any precipitation except rain for a while.

ME, angry tears in eyes: But... but... that's... a big word... and... and... tomorrow is Christmas Eve! It just has to snow! It just... just... HAS TO!
MOM: Sorry, puppy.
And then she left. My mind snapped and I decided to MAKE it snow. I wrote down a plan on some blue paper and showed mom.
I quickly gathered up some material and began to build my contraption.

I think I imagined something like this:

And best of all:

And yet best of all:

So there you have it. I worked all afternoon, and when I finished I called mom outside to see.

This is somewhat the look on Mom's face
I thought that look was of pure overwhelment. So I decided to emphasise the effect.

I think she fainted.


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