Saturday, December 25, 2010

It is 3:00 in the morning

It's me again, and I am waiting for 6:30 to arrive so I can go downstairs and open my presents. It's a rule in our family that I have to wait till' 6:30 to get up because last year I didn't sleep a wink so I was REALLY grumpy in the morning, especially when I discovered Mom had accidentally spilled pepper on my eggs.
And no offense to all you people out there who like peppers on their eggs, but I don't, so I refused to eat them and ate one piece of toast to last me the entire morning. (It's amazing how good my drawing is at this dark hour) That was the year I got the drum set from the grumpy Santa. This is me right now:
Yeah. Pretty bad, right? My stomach is growling.

Doesn't that blue face just plainly say:

"My stomach is hungry. I will eat. Mussttt.... eeaaattt..." *DEPRESSED ABOUT HOUSE INSURANCE*

Oo! Now this PINK one says:

"I am a dummy, and I am lost. Did you make sure to order plain pizza? Mushrooms. Now YOU'RE da dummy in our relationship." *WONDERS WHY HE IS IN A DOCTOR'S OFFICE*

Now THIS one is easy:

"I am happy. face hurts." *SMILES AND SCARES LITTLE CHILDREN*

Now, I want to talk to you all about Christmas presents.


You'll get them at 6:30. Now go back to bed.

Anyway, the presents are downstairs right now. I just know it. He wouldn't wait till' 3 to deliver, so I'm hoping that there's gonna be surprises like last year's PlayStation 3.

Wow, I'm so hungry.

Y'know, Christmas is about

not getting.

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  1. I think this is a jolly christmas so far. I can't wait for 6:30!