Saturday, December 25, 2010

Is It Illigal To Write Two Posts In One Day, Or Am I Just Bored?

I think I'm just bored.

Oo! Wait! I know this one...! 1 blog post plus 1 blog post equals:

Now that proves just how confused I am! It should say: "Bumbling mass of utter confusion over whether or not I write 2 blog posts." Yeah. I am really bored. Anyway, I have these sketchbooks. I have four of them and the fourth one is in progress, but they're private.

That's your cue to barge into my business. Unfortunately whenever another fellow of mankind dares to utter a word in baby talk just the way I do, I sort of go into shock.

But luckily, my dignity comes back just in time.Merry Xmas!


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